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A Statistical Analysis for Predicting the Top Performing Players during the ODI Cricket World Cup 2019 using Principal Component Analysis

G. Kumarapandiyan, S. Keerthivarman


Cricket is a hugely popular sport around the world. Every day forms of cricketing culture were invisible in every walk real life and were well represented through various forms of media in the wake of the world cup. Performance analysis of cricket players is always a complicated task due to the interrelated character of the variables used to enumerate contributions to the team. Lack of precision of current methods, due to viable confidentiality, creates a requirement for new and transparent evaluative methods. Here, we present a simple, yet straightforward, method for analyzing the performance of players in the recent international matches, domestic competitions around the globe for predicting the top performers during the ODI World cup 2019 that can be easily adapted to other team sports.

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