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Data Mining to Elicit the Critical Factors causing Menstrual Disorders in Students of Pondicherry University

Amouda Venketesan, Mathavan Muthaiyan, Lavanya Ravichandran


The aim of this study was to predict the association of academic stress and lifestyle among the female students of Pondicherry University. A survey has been carried out to study the menstrual cycle of individual lifestyles including stress and unfavorable food habits which vouch for menstrual irregularity. Menstrual history of six hundred and ninety (690) students between 18 to 25 years of Pondicherry University was collected through personal interview and structured questionnaire. 483 response were considered for data mining and statistical analysis to find the association and prediction of knowledge on the level of significance and prevalence of disorders. The result revealed that the maximum number of respondents, 70% experiencesa pain and 62% showed medium bleeding.  It is also observed that nowadays, problems like Oligomenorrhea and Menorrhagia (i.e. Irregular and prolonged periods) has become predominant among women.


The results of this prospective study may educate and create awareness among the students, how well their lifestyle and routine has a hidden impact on their menstrual cycle. Most of them experienced psychological problems (non-patience) and academic stress and social modernization in food habits (junk foods) trigger the hormonal imbalance which affects the age of marriage. Healthy food habits and stress-free life should be recommended to promote women’s reproductive health. We also aim to expand this study with a vision of educating the females of all age groups on this most prevalent issue.

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