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Community Hall (Chaupal) - A Combination of Geometric, Math and Arts

B S Gulia, Kavita .


Chaupal generally means a community hall of the village. In totality, it symbolizes generation who articulated their life style that in dudes architecture, custom and manners of course arts, crafts and culture. This paper is a journey through the Chaupal in more than fifty villages of Haryana relating tales about the village town and their transformation. Participating in activities of the inner and exterior construction method, techniques materials and identifying the unique character of each place. Chaupal is a great significance to the social, culture and traditional way. All aspects of the architecture from such constructional details are studied of Chaupal. The variations in Chaupal plan due to topographical change and cultural impact of cast have been also recognized. Among the traditional building in Haryana’s Chaupal is the most widely known because of its artistic and strongly characteristic from fascinating, social pattern and its sheer beauty of its manifestation. The architectural diversity of Chaupals has been noticed aesthetically as well the design of the building. The application of mathematical as well as geometrical aspect, the artistic feature has been notice in design ornamentation. The traditional materials of constructional techniques of the mason are the unique achievement. The designing of wooden craft on the door set. The design on the cornices, lattice molding and wall painting is the main artistic features of the Chaupal. In these elements specially in the geometric designs as well as in engraved or craft work have be notice which is to be studied in an analytical way-

                The applications of mathematical, geometry, decoration were observed shall be studied and analyzed in details.      

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