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Modified Half Logistic Weibull Distribution with Statistical Properties and Applications

Govinda Prasad Dhungana, Vijay Kumar


A new Modified Half Logistic Weibull (MHLW) distribution is developed in the type-I half logistic G family of distributions. The proposed model exhibits increasing, decreasing, and J-shaped & unimodal hazard function. In special case, this new model belongs to the half logistic distribution of type-II. Explicit expressions of reliability/ survival function, hazard rate function, reverse hazard rate function, cumulative hazard rate function; quantile function and median, mode; skewness, kurtosis; moments, residual life function, moment generating function; Rényi entropy and q-entropy; probability weighted moment and order statistics  are investigated for the proposed MHLW distribution. The parameters of this distribution are estimated by maximum likelihood estimation. The asymptotic distributions of the estimators are also investigated. A simulation study has been performed to examine the behavior of maximum likelihood estimators. A real data set was used to show the applicability of MHLW distribution and noted that the proposed distribution provided a better fit as compared to some other known distributions.

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