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Security Enhancement in Trust Based Model in Service–oriented IoT Healthcare

Shweta ., Sunil Kumar


 In the Internet of things, Healthcare is an important application which is growing rapidly.  IoT Healthcare enables patients to continuously monitor their health related treatment without the physical presence of a doctor using various healthcare devices having sensors. But there are a large number of healthcare service providers and choosing the most trustworthy among them is a challenge. In this paper, a novel trust mechanism is introduced in healthcare with an integrated approach of recommendation, observation and certification models followed by CPA documentation.  The proposed model performs clustering of similar Healthcare providers which helps in reducing traversing time for each patient request. Proposed system is highly effective in reducing starvation of new HP, reduced Computational power and more efficiently. Along with it, the system is effectively able to detect and prevent our model from four main attacks as self promoting, bad-mouthing, on-off attack and ballot stuffing attacks making the system more effective than the conventional methods

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