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A New Calibration Estimator of Population Mean in Two-Stage Sampling Design using Population Level Auxiliary Information

Manoj K. Chaudhary, Tulika Dutta, Basant K. Ray


The present paper deals with the problem of estimating the finite population mean in the presence of auxiliary information under two-stage sampling design. Calibration is a widely used technique which includes the auxiliary information in a sample survey to increase the precision of the estimates. In this paper, a calibration approach has been adopted to develop the new calibration estimator of the population mean by considering the known population level auxiliary information at both first and second stages. A brief discussion on the usual calibration estimator of the population mean has also been presented. A simulation study has been carried out to examine the performance of the proposed calibration estimator. The study reveals that the proposed calibration estimator performs very well as compared to the usual calibration estimator.


New Calibration Estimator; Population Mean; Two-Stage Sampling; Auxiliary Information; Simulation Study.

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